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Personal Information/Storage/Sharing

Information that a person provides to Bisnet Internet Services via this website, which may contain personal information, is not shared to anyone outside of Bisnet Internet Services. Any credit/debit card information provided is stored offline and not stored on the online servers. Your personal information may, at times, be stored on an online server. If you information is stored online Bisnet Internet Services will take reasonable precautions to secure your information.


Currently this site does not use cookies, however, it may track users viewing individual pages of the website. This tracking, however, in no way extends past this website.


This website is not designed for children and collects no information from children under the age of 18.


If this privacy policy is changed Bisnet Internet Services will take reasonable steps to notify persons or entities of any such changes.


Questions or Comments concerning this privacy policy should be directed through our contact form located here.

Guarantee/Implied Warranty

While Bisnet Internet Services strives to make reasonable attempts to secure any information you provide, because of the nature of the internet, THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IS 100% SAFE. NOR IS THERE ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY THAT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WILL BE 100% SAFE.